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Get rid of RSA-4096 Virus

Get rid of RSA-4096 Virus

This blog deals in RSA-4096 Virus and easy steps for its removal.

Short Description And Removal Method Of RSA-4096 Virus


RSA-4096 here RSA stand for Rivest-Shamir-Adleman which is a cryptography algorithm widely used over the globe. Number of people called it as RSA-4096 Virus. Now a days this particular algorithm is being used by the spammers with ransomware and Trojans to encrypt different type of files of the targeted user. The recently discovered different variant of TeslaCrypt uses this algorithm, encrypt and append different extension to the files .micro, .ccc, .vvv, .zzz, .ece and other. As we all known files which get encrypted using RSA algorithm can not be decrypt by any other ways except associated private key. There are few Trojans which help author of ransomware program to distribute it in less protected PC. As files get encrypted, related ransomware program may demand decryption amount in BTC, Euro or Dollar. Payment of ransom is not a solution because targeted user faces same problem after certain interval of time. The best option is to scan PC with Windows Scanner to remove existence of RSA-4096 Virus completely. By the you can only remove but can not decrypt your files. For this purpose you can go with the Data Recovery Software.


How To Use Windows Scanner

1. Download and Installed Windows Scanner.




2.Now Click on "Scan Computer Now" button as mentioned in bellow screenshot.

3.The Scan will continue and show you the list of threat and infected files.

4.If found any deficulty in handling software "Spyware HelpDesk" is always available for you.

5.You can use "System Guard" option to block malicious processes being executed.

6.If you are too busy in your profession set Windows Scanner to Scan PC at specified time interval.


Know How To Use Data Recovery Software

1.Simply download and install Data Recovery Software.

Download Data Recovery Software

2.Double Click on the Icon and choose where to recover file.

3.Now go with the required recovery option such as "Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Advance Recovery, Raw Recovery".

4.Follow the rest of the steps as software suggest.


You can get your files back after going through above mentioned steps.

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